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From September 29 to October 3, the XXX International Specialized Exhibition "Belagro - 2020" was held. A wide range of food products was demonstrated by 130 food and processing enterprises from all regions of the country. The exposition was complemented by the exhibitions "Belferma" (the latest achievements in the field of animal husbandry) and "Belproduct" (food products). "360 companies took part in the exhibitions. Among them are 30 companies that presented products of foreign manufacturers from 13 countries: Belgium, Great Britain, Hungary, Germany, Israel, Italy, China, the Netherlands, Poland, Russia, France, Switzerland, Sweden", - told the press service.


During the days of the exhibition, a fair and exhibition of food products and consumer goods was organized. At the exhibition, Smorgon Hliboproduct Factory demonstrated the entire range of its flakes, or rather 16 types, uncrushed oat groats, rolled oat groats, the entire line of cereals, oat flour, as well as a wide range of mixed feed for various animal species, rapeseed oil and rapeseed cake.
Visitors to the exhibition were able to taste our cereals and cereal mixes and evaluate the taste, as well as note the method of production, in which the grain is least processed and retains its usefulness.


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Also at Belagro-2020, Smorgon Bread Products Plant presented a new product to the attention of visitors and exhibitors - flour made from whole micronized grain, untested in the Belarusian market. After joint research of flour with bakeries, the following features of the resulting products were noted:
  • a significant improvement in the consumer qualities of shortbread cookies when 50% flour from whole micronized wheat grain is added to the standard composition of the recipe;
  • a significant improvement in the consumer qualities of wheat bread when 30% of the proposed product is added to the standard composition of the recipe;
  • the resulting product is a potential source of dietary fiber;
  • staling processes slow down.


Deputy Minister of Agriculture and Food of Belarus Vladimir Grakun made a speech at the closing ceremony. The official noted that Belagro-2020 was a success, thanked the participants and guests of the forum for their participation and expressed hope that the next exhibition will be held without postponements in the first days of June.


In addition, Vladimir Grakun presented diplomas from the Ministry of Agriculture of I, II and III degrees to especially distinguished exhibitors for their active participation in the XXX International specialized exhibition "Belagro - 2020".