Feed mill
The capacity of the feed mill is 400 tons of feed per day. We produce feed for all types of animals, birds and pond fish.
In 2010 the STB ISO 9001 system was implemented and certified
Rapeseed shop
In early 2011, the rapeseed processing plant was put into operation.
The production capacity is 20,000 tons of oilseeds per year.
Let out production:
  • unrefined rapeseed oil of the first grade of the "R" brand (for further industrial processing);
  • rapeseed cake in granulated form 2 varieties.
The international certificate ISCC EU was obtained for rapeseed oil.
Cereal shop
The capacity of the grain mill is 108 tons per day for oat grain.
In 2007, the ISO 9001-2009 STB system was implemented and certified.
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Our company produces the following range of cereals::
  • unbroken oatmeal,
  • oatmeal flattened.
Oatmeal flour
Flakes that do not require cooking:
  • oat,
  • barley,
  • from the grain of wheat,
  • buckwheat,
  • from rye grain.
Of the mixture of flakes, not requiring cooking (oats, barley, oat-barley-wheat, oat-barley-wheat-rye, barley-wheat, oat-barley-wheat-rye-buckwheat,oats, wheat, wheat-buckwheat, rye, buckwheat, barley-buckwheat, oats, buckwheat)
Oatmeal porridge that does not require cooking (with raisins, Apple, apricot, pineapple)
We produce products based on natural, environmentally friendly raw materials, without adding flavorings, flavor enhancers and preservatives.
Currently, the company produces packaged products under the brand name "Empire of Cereals", "Dinamo", "I am happy".
We pack our products in:
  • polypropylene bag,
  • cardboard box,
  • polypropylene bag.
The company has a certified quality system in accordance with STB ISO 9001.
Our cereal products have repeatedly won various competitions, which is another confirmation of the excellent work of the entire workforce.